DIY Cutlery Stand

The cutlery stand allows you to store tablespoons and teaspoons, forks, knives used in the family daily, separately from each other. Unlike trays designed for kitchen drawers, coasters are installed on kitchen tables in the dishwashing zone. What to make a stand for devices Manufacturers offer ready-made stands made of wood, plastic, metal, ceramic or combined.

How a paper bag will save the world

Each of us contributes daily to the poisoning of our own food and water. No filters will help to clean the penetrated toxins from plastic and polyethylene into groundwater, lakes, rivers and oceans, the earth itself! And you still wonder why we are so sick, why we die so early, why our children are sick without end?

How to hang a shelf on a drywall

Drywall is probably one of the most popular materials that are used for interior decoration. After installing drywall, the owner receives a perfectly flat surface on which the finish is applied. It can be a wallpaper or something else. But, together with the wall, the homeowner also gets a problem such as installing different wall objects, such as shelves or decorations.

DIY Adirondack Chair

Each person needs a cozy place to relax in nature. In their own country houses and cottages, people often put simple benches or even chairs designed for gatherings in the open air. Often such simple designs are inconvenient. They do not allow you to comfortably spend a long time in the lap of nature, are difficult to transport and take up a lot of storage space.

How to install skirting boards on linoleum

When the bulk of the repair work is completed, it remains to complete the finishing touches, which will give the room a finished look. Such a small detail as a baseboard plays a significant role in this. It masks the formed defects, gaps between the floor and the wall, the uneven edges of linoleum, hides various cables.

How to knock a carpet

The carpet is an important element in the design of the room, creating a feeling of comfort and convenience and at the same time serving to preserve the heat and sound insulation of the rooms. Despite the abundance of modern carpet cleaning methods - from specialized products sold in supermarkets to dry cleaning services, knocking out a carpet on the street still remains a very effective and economical method.